Do all of these figures come with a ERC-721 token?

Yes! These bobbleheads come with a NFT that was minted upon creation by Proof of Bobble.

I see there’s only a limited number of these. Will there be more released in the future?

Absolutely. The plan is to have additional releases with various Crypto individuals moving forward. All series will be a limited number, and released one at a time. Stay tuned for additional series being released fall of 2019!

I’ve received my bobblehead, do you have a copy of the private key?

NO! You and you alone have the private key to this token. Do not lose it, do not let your keys get damaged, lost, or destroyed. Just like a paper wallet containing an enormous amount of cypto, take good care of this!


What if I lose my private key or the public key

Sorry, we have no way to address this once the item ships. Keep these items safe like any other paper wallet.


I want to sell my bobblehead to someone, how should I go about doing this?

Proof of Bobble is happy to help act as an intermediary to facilitate this transaction. We recommend listing the NFT for sale like when you purchased it, and working with us to make sure both the item, and keys make it safely to the buyer.